Why Would a Person’s Teeth Hurt When Eating Chocolate?

Tooth pain after eating chocolate is usually a result of sensitive teeth or tooth decay progression. This type of pain indicates that the pulp of a tooth is still healthy.

Tooth pain that intensifies after eating sugary foods requires immediate attention. In most cases, it may be a sign that the enamel of the tooth is worn down and the dentin is exposed. If the pain disappears after eating chocolate, the tooth can be repaired with minimal treatment. If the pain lingers after brushing the teeth, the dentin may have been impaired, which means a larger-scale dental procedure is required to save the tooth. Besides cavities, there are other reasons for which the dentin may become exposed, which results in tooth sensitivity when eating or drinking sweets, according to the British Dental Health Foundation. Gum recession may result in the exposure of the roots. Gums may shrink back naturally and result in tooth sensitivity. Tooth grinding is a habit that can wear down the enamel on the teeth, leaving the dentin exposed. Another cause of tooth sensitivity and pain is a cracked tooth or filling. Cracks can run from the biting surface to the root and result in discomfort or pain when eating or drinking something cold, hot or sweet.