Why Would a Period Come 5 Days Early?

Some reasons for a period being 5 days early include stress, severe weight loss or weight gain or perimenopause, according to the National Institutes of Health. It is normal for women to have irregular periods. Significant changes, however, should be brought to a doctor’s attention for diagnosis.

If a woman has regular periods, every 28 days like clockwork, it can be worrisome if her period is a few days early one month. Women’s hormones can be thrown out of whack with any number of things, resulting in her period being a few days early or late. According to the NIH, in addition to the usual stress, weight changes or perimenopause, there are other reasons for an early period.

  • If the woman has engaged in unprotected sex, then pregnancy may be a concern. Even though it may seem like her period, spotting can occur that might be mistaken for menstruation.
  • A diet rich in carbs may cause a hormonal shift, resulting in an early period. If a woman’s diet has changed recently, this may be a factor.
  • Birth control pills have an effect on a woman’s hormones, according to Mayo Clinic. While the body is getting used to the pills, the menstrual cycle may become irregular. This is also true with some other prescription or over-the-counter medications.
  • Drinking too much alcohol can damage the liver. This may cause interference with how the liver metabolizes the hormones in women that regulate periods.