Why Would You Hear a Roaring Sound in Your Ears?

A roaring sound in the ears can occur because of tinnitus, which is a sound that is audible to the person even though it is not actually occurring in the environment, explains the American Hearing Research Foundation. An individual can experience tinnitus constantly or intermittently, in one or both ears.

People experiencing tinnitus may hear sounds ranging from a low roar to a high-pitched tone, but roaring is one of the most common sounds, notes the American Hearing Research Foundation. Tinnitus, a symptom that affects about 36 million Americans, as of 2015, is typically associated with a loss of hearing. Damage to the cochlea in the inner ear generally causes the symptom. Individuals who experience tinnitus should see an otolaryngologist, a physician who is an ear disease specialist, to obtain a diagnosis of the cause. The course of treatment depends on the cause of the condition.