Why Would a Computer Keep Buffering?

Reasons a computer may keep buffering while streaming videos include the video being viewed by several people at the same time, slow Internet speed, several electronic devices being used on a single router and low computer resources. To speed up the process, a user can wait for the video to load, lower the quality or download the video.

Waiting until Internet traffic is slower, usually before 8 p.m. and after 10 p.m., with streaming-content providers can reduce the chances of a popular video needing to buffer. Even when traffic is high, simply waiting a few minutes to view the video can help.

Having a faster Internet connection can also eliminate buffering. YouTube, Netflix and Hulu have specific recommendations for the rate of speed an Internet connection should maintain to watch a video without interruptions. Even with those specific speeds, the video may still need to buffer if several high-quality videos are being played simultaneously on several devices over a single connection.

Getting a router that can handle a gaming console, computer, tablet and phone connected to the Internet at the same time can also help eliminate buffering. Another way to prevent buffering is to ensure the device being used is free of viruses and malware that can slow performance.