Why Would a Car Stutter When Accelerating?

Tom Winstead/Moment/Getty Images

There are numerous reasons a car stutters when accelerating, including vacuum leaks, wiring issues and faulty sensors, according to AutoHub 360. In some cases, bad weather can cause this problem. When the engine is cold, moisture can collect on the distributor cap and cause the electrical current to the engine to misfire. When a car stutters during acceleration, it is a symptom of an underlying engine issue.

A common reason a car stutters is the result of a vacuum leak, AutoHub 360 suggests. This type of leak develops over time and occurs when fuel or air enters the car’s engine. A stutter occurs when combustion in the engine is disproportionate. Clogged or dirty fuel injectors also can cause a car to stutter by preventing fuel from properly entering the engine.

Electrical or wiring issues can cause cars to stutter. This type of problem happens when electrical parts and wires are worn or loose. Loose wires and defective electrical components cause short circuits in the transmission or engine, which causes the car to stutter when accelerating.

A faulty throttle sensor is another common cause of a car stutter. When the driver presses the gas pedal, a malfunctioning throttle sensor doesn’t send information to the engine computer properly and this causes the car to stutter.

Regardless of the reason the car stutters, it’s important to repair the issue before it causes serious damage to the engine, AutoHub 360 recommends.