Why Would You Buy a Used Water Heater?

When a hot-water heater goes out and finances are tight, buying a used replacement may seem like the only affordable option. Individuals who take the time to search their local classifieds can often find low-cost water heaters that are used but still in working order.

Many homeowners choose to upgrade to a tankless water heater before their old unit needs repair. Similarly, households that switch to gas to warm their water may have used electric water heaters for sale. Buying a used hot-water heater is riskier than buying a new unit, but it is not impossible for individuals to come across a good deal on a unit that still has plenty of life left in it..

There are other alternatives to buying a used hot-water heater when a person needs to save money. Some retailers offer scratch-and-dent units with cosmetic damage at a discounted price, while others sell refurbished hot-water heaters that have been repaired by a knowledgeable technician.

DIY enthusiasts can often do their own repairs, as long as their hot-water heaters are electric. Individuals who use gas to heat their water should ask their natural gas provider about financing programs that allow customers to pay for new appliances each month through their monthly bill.