Are Worn Wheel Bearings Dangerous?

George Pchemyan/E+/Getty Images

Worn wheel bearings are dangerous to drive on or keep on a vehicle. These elements allow for wobbling, rumbling and squeaking in the wheel wells and create concerns about the reliability of steering options. The worse a wheel bearing becomes, the greater the difficulty is in keeping the car under control.

A wheel bearing is an integral part of the tire housing that keeps the structure steady. It rests on the inside of the ball joint and allows for smooth control of the steering mechanism and rapid response from the tire. Driving on a damaged or worn-out wheel bearing causes all of these integral connections to begin to deteriorate, causing significant issues with how well a car responds and the quality of steering a driver is able to enjoy.

Worn wheel bearings are dangerous in any vehicle. They occur in any of the four tires and are equally as troublesome no matter where on a car they strike. These bearings begin to deteriorate due to weather and road conditions, so it is vital to check them for quality and durability on a regular basis. Wheel bearings squeak to alert drivers that they are damaged or loose, making it easy to catch and remedy the issue.