What Are Some Words Starting With the Short “a” Sound?

Some very simple and familiar words that start with the short “a” sound are act, animal and ankle. More complex words that begin with the short “a” sound are Acrocanthosaurus, which was a type of carnivorous dinosaur, and abacus, an ancient device used for mathematics.

Specific animals that begin with the short “a” include alligator, alpaca, anaconda, anteater, albatross and antelope. More broadly, the word “amphibian” also begins with the same vowel sound. Some geographic locations in this category are Alabama, Antarctica, Africa and the Atlantic Ocean. Noteworthy people whose last names begin with the short “a” sound are John Adams, Susan B. Anthony and Johnny Appleseed. Professions that begin with the sound are astronaut and athlete. A multitude of dinosaur names begin with the short “a,” including Avimimus, Ankylosaurus, Allosaurus, Albertosaurus, Alamosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus. Short “a” sounds also appear in words taught in a variety of school subjects. Mathematics has “addition” and “angle,” English has “adverb,” “adjective,” and “antonym,” and Science has “anatomy” and “acid.”

Teachers can use simple words, such as ant, apple, act, and ax, to teach children the short “a” sound at the beginning of the words. Words for students with more advanced vocabularies include adage, atoll and ampersand.