What Words Rhyme With “dog”?

More than 70 words rhyme with “dog,” including words with one syllable: “frog,” “log,” “jog,” “bog,” “hog,” “clog,” “fog,” “flog” and “smog.” Two-syllable words that rhyme with “dog” include “prologue,” “eggnog” and “epilogue.” There are also some three-syllable words that rhyme with “dog,” such as “monologue,” “catalogue” and “dialogue.”

Words that have an end rhyme include the same sound in their final syllable, but not necessarily the same spelling. An example of this is “dog” and “prologue.” Another type of rhyme is an eye rhyme. This type of rhyme is when the spelling of the final syllable of two words is the same, but the pronunciation is different. A feminine rhyme occurs when the final syllable of one word rhymes with the beginning or middle syllable of another word, such as “dog” and “flogging.” The type of rhyme that occurs when two words have an end rhyme and the stress of each falls on the final syllable is termed a masculine rhyme. The words “dog” and “bog” rhyme in this way.

Rhymes as a literary device are popular in poetry, musical lyrics and children’s books. Poetic works frequently have a rhyme scheme, which is a discernible pattern of end rhymes throughout the piece.