What Are Some Words to Honor Veterans?

Words to honor veterans include heartfelt phrases such as “We appreciate your sacrifice for our freedom” and “Thank you for defending our nation.” Individuals can also express personal gratitude with words such as “My father and brother, who have served our country, are in good company with veterans like you” and “We wish that every citizen had the courage and bravery that you possess.”

Honor veterans with personal stories about how people in the armed forces overcome challenges. Detail an experience of coping with a family member’s deployment or physical and mental disabilities resulting from service. Express gratitude and acknowledgement of how veterans not only suffer while enlisted but also struggle with adapting to civilian life. It is important for veterans to feel as if the community understands who they are and that they are understood. Show that the community supports their efforts both as an enlisted member of the military and a veteran.

Highlight career accomplishments when honoring veterans. Use phrases such as “Your bravery landed you recognition from the federal government and a trip to the White House to meet the president” or “Your strong leadership skills helped safeguard your unit while under attack overseas.” Make the moment of honor personal and special for veterans by learning more about their achievements in the service. Include personal quotes from community and family members to further personalize a gathering designed to honor veterans.