What Words Did Charlotte Write in Her Web?

Sarah Walbert/CC-BY-2.0

Charlotte, the spider and main character of “Charlotte’s Web,” spins four messages in her web over the course of the novel, including “SOME PIG!,” “TERRIFIC,” “RADIANT” and “HUMBLE.” The original purpose of the web writing is to spare Wilbur’s life, as the pig was going to be slaughtered for meat as a runt. As the writing in the web becomes more famous, so does Wilbur.

Shmoop explains that the spider’s web in the story may be symbolic of strength and fragility. Charlotte informs readers that webs are strong when they hold together, yet insects tear the web every time one gets caught in the trap. A spider’s web must be rebuilt constantly, despite its strength and beauty.

Words in the web are powerful in this story, according to Shmoop. Charlotte reveals that humans believe “almost anything” in print, so Wilbur’s rescue is all about perception. The pig becomes a local celebrity at the fair when people flock to see “Zuckerman’s famous pig,” though he’s only well-known because Charlotte feels that Wilbur is special. The pair’s friendship blossoms to the point that Wilbur helps take care of Charlotte’s many children.

“Charlotte’s Web” is a classic children’s novel written by E.B. White and published in 1952. The book uses anthropomorphized animals to tell the story.