How Do You Word a Professional Letter of Resignation?

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A professional letter of resignation should be addressed to a supervisor and include a statement such as “I am formally resigning from my position.” The resignation letter should include the date the resignation is effective and facts regarding the reason for the resignation, such as a career change. Resignation letters should not be used to vent frustrations about the job or co-workers, but rather should stick to the point of informing about one’s impending departure.

Professional resignation letters should be brief, direct and concise. The first sentence should detail that the employee is resigning with wording such as “I would like to inform you that I am resigning from my positions as sales executive for ABC Company, effective January 1.” If desired, employees can provide an explanation in the second paragraph, such as “I have accepted a position as a sales executive with DEF Company beginning January 2.”

A professional letter of recognition should include appreciation toward the employer and company for the employment opportunities. For example, the letter could close with “Thank you for the opportunity to enhance my skills and learn from a team of experts.” Employees resigning may also want to include information about how they can be reached if the company has questions or concerns, such as “If I can be of any help during the transition, please feel free to contact me at 555-5555.”