Why Won’t My Finger Stop Bleeding?

Caspar Benson/N/A/Getty Images

According to Healthline, the hands contain multiple blood vessels that can result in profuse bleeding when a finger is cut. Bleeding is the immune system’s way of ensuring that wounds are clean of debris and dirt. Excessive bleeding due to a finger cut can be minimized by applying pressure to the wound and holding the hand above the head.

Mayo Clinic explains that excessive bleeding due to cuts or injuries may also indicate hemophilia, a condition in which the blood does not clot properly. It is important to consult with a physician as soon as possible if the bleeding does not stop and is accompanied by headache, vomiting or double vision. In addition to bleeding, symptoms of hemophilia include unexplained bruising, blood-tinged urine and stools, excessive nosebleeds and joint tightness. Hemophilia is caused by a lack of blood clotting factors in the body. The condition can also be passed on from parents to children.

WebMD explains that it is important to seek emergency medical attention if blood is spurting from the cut or if the finger does not stop bleeding after 10 minutes. If the wound stops bleeding, it is imperative to clean the area thoroughly and apply antibiotic cream. Dressing the wound with gauze can help to promote healing and encourage blood clotting.