What Are Some Wolf Puns?

Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijpers/CC-BY-2.0

For pun enthusiasts, a good animal pun is howlarious and gives paws for thought. In particular, the subject of wolves is packed with fangtastic possibilities. One breed of lupine pun is a hunt for popular names or phrases containing the word wolf, for example: “A lupine dancer is a steppin’ wolf,” or “What do you call a lumberjack wolf? A timber wolf.”

As the jokes would have it, a lost wolf is obviously a wherewolf and someone who is unable to get financing is a loan wolf. Another pack of wolf puns involve the lupine’s characteristic howl: “What did the wolf say when someone stepped on his foot? Aooooowwww!”; “What did one wolf say to the other? Howl’s it going!” or “What do you get if you cross a wolf with a monkey? A howler monkey!” These should make everyone howl with laughter.

There are also puns that play on the word wolf when it means to eat quickly, “How do wolves eat their food? They wolf it down!” Don’t wolf too many of these puns though, because they might make you howl in pain.