What Are Some of WLUK’s Living With Amy Recipes?

Terrific taco salad, big brat tub, grilled pound cake with strawberries, flower pot cupcakes and Amy’s skillet cheeseburger macaroni are some of the recipes form WLUK’s “Living With Amy.” A complete list of recipes is located at Fox11Online.com.

Many of the recipes are original interpretations by Amy Hanten, a home chef, wife and mother who hosts a lifestyle website, The Cooking Mom. Amy advocates healthy, delicious food that can be prepared quickly, and her recipes often contain shortcuts.

The terrific taco salad, for example, uses taco seasoning mix, canned beans, canned olives and tortilla chips. The spinach strawberry salad recipe includes instructions for preparing a fast homemade salad dressing in a mason jar. The big brat tub recipe offers a one-pot technique for preparing brats and beer with minimal fuss, and Amy also encourages home cooks to use pre-cooked brats to reduce total prep time.

“LIving With Amy” recipes often mix homemade with semi-homemade ingredients. The grilled pound cake with strawberries recipe requires store-bought cake but fresh whipped cream. Other recipes, such as the skillet cheeseburger macaroni recipe, merely state the ingredients without specifying a preference for homemade over store-bought.

Each recipe accompanies a cooking segment, and some of the segments and their corresponding recipes are available to view on the WLUK-TV Fox 11 news website.