How Do You Wire a Three-Pin Plug?

Photosindia Collection/Getty Images

The first step in wiring a three-pin plug is to bare the ends of the three wires inside the electrical cord for about ? centimeter by cutting away the plastic insulation, then remove the plug cover. Insert the twisted copper wires into the holes in the pins, ensuring the green and yellow wires go into the top pin, while the blue and brown wires go into the left pin and right pin respectively, then replace the plug cover.

A three-pin plug consists of three pins, and each pin must be correctly connected to the three wires in the electrical cable. For easy identification, each wire has its own specified color. The brown wire is live. This is connected to a fuse on the live pin. The electrical current uses the live wire as its route in. The blue wire is neutral. This is the route the electric current takes when it exits an appliance; for this reason, the neutral wire has a voltage close to zero. The green and yellow wire is earth and is connected to the earth pin. This is used when the appliance has a metal casing to diffuse electrical current if the live wire comes in contact with the casing. Three-pin plugs are designed to ensure electricity can be safely supplied to electrical appliances.