How Do You Wire a Range Hood to Plug Into a Wall Socket?

It is possible to wire a range hood into a socket using an appropriate power plug. These are available at most hardware and electronics stores. Other useful items for wiring a range hood cable to a plug include electricians tape, a boxing knife, pliers and wire cutters.

  1. Check the voltage of range hood

    Check the basic voltage of the range hood. Depending on the size of the range hood, 220v and 120v are both common. The most common are 220v range hoods.

  2. Purchase supplies

    Go to a hardware store or online store that sells electronics, such as Amazon. Purchase a power plug for 220v or 120v power. Purchase additional supplies such as electricians tape and wire cutters as needed.

  3. Attach the plug to the range hood

    Take the plug from the range hood, and check the polarity of the wires. Use a wire stripper or boxing knife to cut the sheath away from the conducting wires. Loosen any screws over the back of the plug, and slide the wires into the appropriate slots based on polarity. Tighten the screws. Make sure that none of the wiring touches the inside of the plug. Wrap any uncovered wire with electricians tape, and snap the cover of the plug on. Plug it into the wall socket to finish.