How Do You Wire a Plug?

Thananat/iStock/Getty Images

To wire a plug, strip the wires with wire strippers, thread them onto their respective terminals, and fasten them with terminal screws. Insert the cover, and test the plug. You need wire strippers, a craft knife, a screw driver, an electric cable and a plug to complete this task.

  1. Strip the wires

    Cut the outer cover of the electrical cords with a craft knife. Apply moderate pressure when cutting to avoid cutting into the wires. Use wire strippers to strip off about 20 millimeters of the plastic coatings that cover the cords. Twist the stripped ends to make the wires tight.

  2. Thread wires to the terminals

    Run the cable through the wire grip, and pull the wires to their respective terminals. Thread the brown wire to the live terminal, green wire to the earth terminal and blue to the neutral terminal. Secure the wires tight to the terminals with terminal screws. Take caution not to overtighten the screws to avoid stripping the screw thread.

  3. Cover the plug

    Position the wires in the plug to keep them away from the cover screw. Cover the wires with the plug cover, and secure the cover in place with a cover screw. Insert the plug into the socket, switch on the power, and test the plug.