How Do You Wire a Phillips Advance Ballast?

To wire a Philips Advance ballast, turn off the power, remove the ballast cover to expose the wires, unscrew and cut out the existing ballast, mount the new ballast, strip the wires and connect the same-colored wires, notes Family Handyman. Review the wiring diagram on the ballast to ensure proper installation, and consult a professional electrician with questions.

To wire a Philips Advance ballast, use the following process:

  1. Turn off the power
  2. Turn off the power at the main electrical panel and unplug the fixture before replacing the ballast, states Family Handyman.

  3. Remove the ballast cover
  4. The ballast wiring is located under the ballast cover, which may be connected through nuts, bolts or clips. Remove the cover to access the wiring.

  5. Cut out the ballast
  6. Cut all of the wires connected to the ballast a few inches from the fixture and unscrew the mounting nuts to remove the ballast.

  7. Install the ballast
  8. Purchase a ballast that matches the voltage of the existing ballast and has the same wiring diagram. Mount the new ballast and screw the nuts into place. Strip all of the wires to expose about 1/2-inch of wire and use twist-wire connectors to connect the same-colored wires. Replace the ballast cover and bulbs, and turn the power back on.