How Do You Winterize a Fleetwood Bounder RV?

In order to winterize a Fleetwood Bounder RV, drain all of the water from the system, prepare all of the systems valves, pumps and filters, and fill the system with antifreeze. Exact procedures and the location of specific pumps and valves may vary by specific model year of Fleetwood Bounder.

Open all of the interior and exterior faucets and showers, then find and open the low point valve on both the hot and cold water lines to drain the system. Remove the drain plug from underneath the front of the water heater to drain the unit, and drain all of the holding tanks, including the fresh, grey and black water storage.

Shut off the water supply from the fresh water tank so antifreeze does not back up into it, and close all of the faucets and the drain plugs. Bypass the water pump by using the installed bypass valve if available or by disconnecting the hot and cold intake and outlet lines and coupling them together. Remove all of the water filters because contact with the antifreeze ruins them.

Use the syphon hose attached to the water pump for winterization, or attach one if the RV is not equipped, and begin pumping antifreeze into the system from the antifreeze container. Test all of the faucets until nothing but antifreeze comes out of them, and flush antifreeze down the toilets as well. Turn off the water pump when the system is full of antifreeze, and bleed a little pressure out through one of the faucets. Depress the check valve on the city water inlet outside, and when it bleeds antifreeze, the winterization is complete.