Who Wins in a Mongul Vs. Darkseid Fight?

While Mongul, tyrant ruler of Warworld, is a significant physical threat capable of going toe to toe with the DC Universe’s heaviest hitters. Darkseid is a force that can’t be beaten with the resources available to Mongul. Ageless, brilliant and possessing the Omega Force, Darkseid, is a cosmic menace.

Even on raw physical power, Darkseid is a being with few equals. However, there is little reason that the ruler of Apokalips would limit himself to a fistfight when he commands energy beams that can concuss, disintegrate or even transport enemies through time. Additionally, because the Omega Beams can curve and turn around corners, among other capabiklities, there’s little likelihood that Mongul– who lacks Superman’s speed and flight– would be able to dodge them. However, even in a raw fistfight, it’s unlikely that even a powerful mortal like Mongul could stand up to such a brutal New God.