What Is the Wholesale Price of a Gallon of Ice Cream?

The wholesale price for a gallon of ice cream differs according to its brand and manufacturer, ranging between $13.20 and $15.00, as of 2015. Some manufacturers require buyers to purchase a minimum quantity in order to qualify for a wholesale transaction.

Amy’s Ice Creams is an Austin, Texas, based corporation that sells wholesale ice cream. Buyers must purchase the available flavors in at least a 2.5-gallon box. It offers an assortment of different flavors, such as Mexican Vanilla, Belgium Chocolate, Cinnamon, Coffee and Oreo. As of 2015, the price of a 2.5 gallon of Amy’s Ice Creams is $33. It also offers a larger option, a 3-gallon container, for the price of $40.

Magill’s ice cream has three different sized tubs available for order. As of 2015, its 1-gallon tub is priced at $15.00. The larger 2- and 3-gallon tubs range between $19.00 and $34.75, depending on the type of ice cream being ordered. Magill’s has 66 different flavors, all of which are made in house. Some flavors can be custom ordered and Magill’s also sells sorbet. As an extra service, Magill’s deals in selling ice cream accessories such as toppings, scoops and cones, which can be ordered with the ice cream tubs.