How Do I Know If My White Chanel J12 Watch Is Real?

The authenticity of a white Chanel J12 watch can be determined by closely examining the following characteristics of the watch: overall density, link shape, link size and link thickness. Additionally, a Chanel expert can verify the authenticity of a watch in a company store.

An authentic white Chanel J12 watch features dense ceramic parts. This is the result of the time-consuming and costly process of creating ceramic straight from powder, something that most manufacturers do not do. This process results in a more uniform color for the watch and for hidden elements such as pins and screws. An authentic Chanel J12 does not show any holes in the bracelet component of the watch. The lack of visible holes in a Chanel J12 watch is a result of the manufacturer filling in each hole with ceramic glue.

Real Chanel J12 watches are made up of distinctly non-uniform ceramic links. Imitation white Chanel J12 watches have completely uniform links. Chanel uses 20 unique molds to create different-sized and different-shaped links to provide a more ergonomic and comfortable bracelet for the wearer. For the real watch, all ceramic link edges are also rounded off, instead of being squared off, as is the case with counterfeit watches.