What Does a Whirlpool Water Heater Warranty Cover?

The specific items covered under the warranty for a Whirlpool water heater varies from model to model. The actual terms of the warranty can be found in the product’s Warranty Guide. Whirlpool manufactures a wide variety of different water heaters as of 2015, including 6-year, 9-year, 12-year and lifetime models.

The specific warranty period is listed directly on the unit’s data plate label. In most cases, the number listed on the product name corresponds to the warranty period for the unit’s internal tank, meaning a 6-year water heater typically has a 6-year warranty on its inner tank. For many units, the inner tank warranty states that Whirlpool is obligated to provide a replacement water heater if the inner tank develops a leak within the warranty period.

Many units, such as the Whirlpool 6th Sense 50-Gallon 12-Year Tall Gas Water Heater, also come with a limited components warranty. This warranty typically states that Whirlpool must provide a free replacement part for any defective component not related to the inner tank. However, Whirlpool only covers the cost of the replacement part, not the labor required to install the replacement component.

This warranty only covers the original owner, and it is necessary to submit a claim directly to Whirlpool’s Service Department to obtain warranty service.