What Services Does the Clever Portal Offer Students for Distance Learning?

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Online learning has become an integral part of the K-12 education system. While this was somewhat true before the COVID-19 pandemic, the reality is that online learning is here to stay — at least in some capacity. Used by roughly 65 percent of K-12 school districts in the United States, Clever, an online learning portal, is here to make remote learning more accessible.

And now that the portal has integrated with Google Classroom — Google’s free web service designed to help teachers create, distribute, and grade assignments — Clever usage will likely multiply once again. Here’s everything you need to know about the nifty education service.

How Does the Clever Portal Help Students?

Online learning has been a huge adjustment for everyone in the K-12 school system. However, with few alternatives outside of remote learning during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the challenges had to be faced. While the Clever Portal was launched years ago to make digital learning easier and more simplified in general, its value took a sharp upturn when digital learning became a primary option in 2020.

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Thanks to Clever, students have access to all of their academic apps in one secure place. Instead of having to remember an array of passwords for each app, they have a single sign-on that provides access to them all, including things like Math-Whizz, Google Classroom, Canvas, Typing Agent, Lexia Reading, Seesaw, and more.

Each Clever Student Portal is personalized. which means the specific apps that students use for their unique set of classes and requirements from teachers appear on their screen after logging in. Direct links to Zoom sessions scheduled by teachers and other necessary scheduled tasks or events also appear in their Clever Portal. Access to specialist teachers, whose skills range from science, music, P.E. and art to library know-how, is also available via the service.

The goal of Clever? Put the focus back on education — not on the tech making that education possible. Because the Clever Portal is so easy to use, students end up spending more time learning and less time navigating a complicated system or trying to remember all their different passwords. Furthermore, all student data is secure and protected, so families don’t have to worry about their child’s private information leaking.

How Does the Clever Portal Help Teachers?

The difficulties in adjusting to remote learning have not only impacted students; alongside learners, teachers have faced those challenges — and others — too. Adjusting to an online learning environment also means figuring out how to successfully provide the education students need and deserve during an unprecedented time. The Clever Portal has been an invaluable tool for many teachers across school districts nationwide.

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Like students, teachers have also found the single sign-on convenience of the Clever Portal to be a valuable tool in remote education.. Transitioning from in-person education to remote education as a teacher is no easy task. Remembering the usernames and passwords for many different learning apps would be an unnecessary chore to pile on top of everything else.

The value of having an easy-to-use digital classroom for remote teaching cannot be overstated. The Clever Portal has managed to help teachers in this process. Not only is the platform itself designed for ease of use, but Clever has also included a lot of additional materials and guides to help teachers successfully educate students in a remote environment. For example, there is special training for using different elements of the Clever platform, guides for remote instruction in general, and materials that show teachers how to help students who are having trouble with the Clever technology.

What’s more, Clever has been an incredible tool to help teachers stay organized as they handle dozens of students from a distance. Between all the different requirements of their school district and managing their students’ assignments, tests, and grades, the Clever Portal makes managing the organizational elements of education less daunting.

Teachers also have access to analytics about their students through the Clever Portal. They can easily view student activity on their various apps over the past seven days. This gives teachers insight into their students’ engagement and participation from afar, things that are necessary to monitor to ensure students are getting the education they need to succeed in the world. If a student is showing low activity, teachers can easily talk to them to find out if they are struggling academically or if they are simply having trouble accessing certain apps for technical reasons.

Why Do Parents Love the Clever Portal?

Many parents have been concerned over the last year that their children would fall behind in school because of the necessity of moving to remote learning. Clever has eased a lot of those concerns. While nothing can replace in-person learning, both in terms of the direct contact between teacher and student and the social element of school between students, Clever has provided a viable system of remote K-12 learning that has kept many students from falling behind academically.

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Clever has provided an option for creating a parent or guardian account that gives parents secure access to their child’s login information, direct messaging with teachers, and other useful resources. This also helps in case their child has trouble logging into the portal.

Even after the pandemic is over and students return to school as normal, the Clever Portal will likely not become obsolete. For parents, teachers, and students, Clever has moved education into the future. Digital learning has been becoming a more prominent part of education for many years anyway. Even when remote learning is no longer full-time, the Clever Portal will continue to be useful for potential part-time K-12 remote learning and for organizing student data digitally across school districts.

Why Is Clever’s Integration with Google Classroom So Important?

Many school districts across the U.S. had already begun using Google Workspace for Education Plus, including Google Classroom, before the pandemic. Providing easy integration between the Clever Portal and Google Classroom now makes it easier to sync two of the most widely used digital educational platforms in order to make remote learning and other aspects of teaching in the digital world simpler.

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Using Google Classroom via Clever, the creation of classrooms becomes automatic. Along with that feature, teachers no longer have to invite students to join classes. Both of those tasks over the past year have proven to be frustrating and time-consuming for teachers. With the Clever integration with Google Classroom, teachers will save time and energy that they can once again dedicate to more important aspects of teaching.