Who Were the Women on “Hee Haw?”?

Television show “Hee Haw’s” female cast members included Minnie Pearl, Barbi Benton, Gunilla Hutton and Lulu Roman. While Pearl was well-known for her appearances on “The Grand Ole Opry,” the other women cast members weren’t widely recognized until their time on the weekly sketch comedy and music show.

With the exception of Pearl, most of “Hee Haw’s” female cast members dressed in skimpy “farmers’ daughter” outfits, such as cut-off jeans and overalls or a country version of a miniskirt. These women became known as the “Hee Haw Honeys” and were inspired by the scantily clad women cast members on the popular sketch comedy series “Laugh-In” that began airing a few yeras before “Hee Haw” debuted.

Two of the more popular ongoing sketches featuring the Hee Haw Honeys were the Gossip Girls and Hee Haw’s All-Jug Band. In Gossip Girls, four of the female cast members stood around a washtub and old-fashioned clothes wringer singing a song about not spreading rumors. The Hee Haw’s All-Jug Band featured even more women cast members, each playing an instrument. Pearl introduced the sketch every time by shouting, “We’re gonna play now!” Roman always blew air over the spout of moonshine jugs, generating a slightly musical sound.