Who Were Regulars on “American Bandstand”?

“American Bandstand” featured many regular dancers, including Justine Carrelli, Bob Clayton, Arlene Sullivan, Kenny Rossi and Pat Molittieri. Other dancers who regularly appeared on the show were Bunny Gibson, Eddie Kelly and Carole Scaldeferri.

Dick Clark hosted the daily dance-party-themed show, and it began airing from Philadelphia in 1957. Viewers who tuned in often got to know the dancers who appeared regularly and enjoyed noting who danced with whom, who avoided dancing with whom and so on. The teen dancers on “Bandstand” were some of the United States’ first reality TV stars.

One couple on the show was a couple in real life; Justine Carrelli and Bob Clayton dated for three years. Other pairs were regular dance partners, but didn’t become romantically involved.

Arlene Sullivan and Bunny Gibson went on to write memoirs about their time spent on “Bandstand” and growing up as members of the Baby Boom generation. Kenny Rossi became a pop star in his own right, with hits such as “But I Do” and “Open Your Heart.” Pat Molittieri also had a few hit singles before pursuing acting; she died in 1975. Eddie Kelly became an actor and dance and music consultant, while Carole Scaldeferri became a Realtor.