What Were Some Popular Hobbies in the 1920s?

People in the 1920s enjoyed many popular hobbies, including sports, film, toys, gadgets and music. The introduction of new technology, such as the addition of color and sound in movies, helped fuel some of the interests for those living in the period known as the “Roaring 20s.”

Music was a popular hobby for people of the 20s. This popularity was partially due to the invention of the radio after World War I. Several appliances were available to make the listening experience more enjoyable, including speakers, batteries, chargers and antennas. These items enhanced sound quality and were considered cutting-edge technology. Jazz was the musical genre of choice for many, and popular artists during this period include the pianist and composer Duke Ellington.

Cars became popular for adults and children. The mass production of vehicles was in full force, and Henry Ford sold 15 million Model-Ts by 1927. Pedal cars were desirable toys for children, and they were built to resemble vehicles made during the period.

Social drinking was a favorite pastime among many adults despite the Prohibition laws that were passed in 1919 that made the sale of alcohol illegal. People circumvented the laws by frequenting places called “speakeasies,” which served alcoholic drinks to customers.