What Were Some Popular Foods in the 1960s?

Denis Dervisevic/CC-BY 2.0

Popular foods in the 1960s included fondue and the tunnel of fudge cake. Dishes that require direct flame for cooking and presentation, such as steak Diane and crème brûlée, were also popular in the 1960s.

Fondue originated in Switzerland in the 19th century and is made with a combination of cheeses typically including Swiss and Gruyère. White wine is traditionally added to the fondue, along with nutmeg and a little flour to keep the cheese from curdling. Fondue is served with small cubes of bread, which are dipped into the fondue with a small fork.

The tunnel of fudge cake is a Pillsbury bundt cake that is possibly the most famous winning recipe of the Pillsbury Bake-Off. The cake is known for making bundt cakes popular in the United States. The cake’s original secret ingredient was double Dutch buttercream frosting mix. The frosting served as the fudge center of the cake. The remaining ingredients for the tunnel of fudge cake are butter, sugar, flour and walnuts or pecans.

Steak Diane was made popular in the 1960s because of chefs like Julia Child, who was famous for French-inspired cuisine. Steak Diane is often served flambéed and is a steak cooked in a sauce of butter, black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, salt and chives. Crème brûlée, also a French dish, is a custard dessert with a sugar crust made crisp with a blow torch.