What Were Common Styles of Houses in the 1920s?

Perry Mastrovito/Image Source/Getty Images

The 1920s saw popular houses such as bungalows and colonial-style homes. Homes of that time were built to be more hygienic, easier to heat and cool and more modern.

Colonial-style homes were popular in the 1920s, for those who could afford them. Colonial style homes typically include regularly shaped windows and a gable roof. Many colonial homes are two stories.

Tudor-style homes were also popular during the 1920s and remained a favorite until the 1940s. These homes are characterized by steep roofs with large chimneys, tall, narrow windows and wood or stucco timbering.

Bungalows were popular during the 1920s and homeowners at that time opted to add things like a breakfast nook and a sleeping porch to their homes. Sleeping porches were made with wire screens and casement windows to allow airflow. This was at a time before air conditioning and fans became commonplace in homes. The breakfast nook offered an alternative to a large formal dining room that took up a lot of space in a home.

The 1920s saw home designs and materials upgraded and lower home costs for potential buyers. The decade saw new materials and different building methods that employed precast concrete panels and other technology that resulted in better living for families.