What Were Some of Claude Monet’s Accomplishments?

Among Claude Monet’s accomplishments, he is best remembered as the Father of Impressionism, an art movement that broke with the classical tradition by capturing natural forms with bold colors and short brushstrokes. His 1873 painting entitled Impression, Sunrise was among the first of such works. Although his style was felt by some critics at the time to have an unfinished, unrefined quality to it, it nevertheless sparked a progressive trend in art that continued to develop through the 1880s.

Monet enjoyed greater success towards the end of the 1880s and into the 1890s. He was known to travel around France in search of inspiration for his paintings, and was particularly interested in the effects of light on the colors and forms of his subjects. His serial paintings, which often depicted the same scene at different times of day and in different weather conditions, were especially popular.

Despite his poor health, most notably including cataracts in his eyes, Monet was prolific in his output. His famous works include Haystacks, Poplars and Rouen Cathedral. One of his favorite subjects was the water-lily pond on his own property at Giverny.

Modern art historians consider Monet’s contribution to be profound, positioning him as a precursor to Cubism and other abstract styles that represented a significant break from established classical tradition.