What Were Aphrodite’s Weaknesses?

Although Aphrodite is a powerful figure in Greek mythology, she has her share of weaknesses including unfaithfulness, vanity, jealousy and a bad temper. The Greek goddess of love, beauty, and pleasure, is known to enchant anyone who sees her with feelings of love or lust.

Aphrodite possessed captivating powers of sexuality. Other gods and goddesses were fearful of her potential to disrupt the peace among them, possibly leading to war or conflict. Because of this, Zeus married her to the god, Hephaestus. He was not viewed as a threat due to his ugly and deformed appearance.

Extremely vain, Aphrodite was unsatisfied with her marriage to the ugly god. She was repeatedly unfaithful, known to entertain several lovers, both gods and men.

Her undesirable behavior was the cause of conflict in many relationships. Aphrodite has been known to end marriages by stealing a man’s heart away from his wife or lover.

Whenever someone failed to worship her, her temper would flair. She would often become jealous of other women who were lovers of men who would not succumb to her influence. Aphrodite would cure those who scorned her in love, often leading to their deaths.