What Is the Weight Watchers Points Formula?


The Weight Watchers points formula is the calculation used to determine how many food points an individual should consume each day to meet his or her weight loss goals. This program, called the Weight Watchers PointsPlus program, assigns all foods a special value based upon their nutritional content. Weight Watchers participants can choose any foods that they would like to eat, but they must stay within their daily point allowance. For instance, all fruit and most vegetables are assigned a 0 PointsPlus value, which means that these foods can be eaten without contributing to an individual’s daily PointsPlus allowance.

Weight Watchers is a versatile program designed to fit a variety of lifestyles. After initially joining, participants can choose to attend in-person meetings or participate in Weight Watchers online. During Weight Watchers meetings, participants meet at a designated time and location to encourage each other, discuss weight-loss strategies and receive guidance from weight-loss mentors. Weight Watchers online is a completely online program. It is especially convenient for those with busy schedules who cannot attend meetings regularly. The online program includes several online tools and a mobile app, which includes a barcode scanner, activity tracker, restaurant tips and more. Online users also benefit from videos, blogs and articles.