What Is the Weight of a Bus?

Dan Kitwood / Staff/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The weight of the average transit bus is 38,000 pounds. Sometimes the weight of a bus is expressed in terms of a gross vehicle weight rating or the maximum amount the vehicle can weigh including cargo and passengers.

Buses used to transport students are featured in a variety of classes and types. Smaller, type A-1 school buses, which hold more than 10 passengers, are generally around 10,000 pounds, while type A-2 school buses can weigh between 14,000 and 19,500 pounds, depending on size and classification. Type D school buses, which look similar to public transit buses, may weigh more than 33,000 pounds.

Double-decker buses are popular in London because their shorter length means more passengers can be transported in and around town. In addition, the buses are easier to maneuver through the narrow streets of outlying villages. Double-decker buses are also used in other countries, including Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Canada.