What Is the Weight of a Basketball?

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

The weight of a standard basketball is 20-22 ounces when fully inflated. However, the size and weight of a basketball typically depends on the age, gender or skill level of the player.

Basketballs are measured by inflation pressure, circumference or weight. The standards size for a ball in the NBA is 29.5-29.875 inches in circumference, at 22 ounces. This slightly varies from the WNBA standard, which is set at 29 inches in diameter, at 17.5-20 ounces. For juniors, the size is set at 27.17 inches, at 16-17.5 ounces. The basketballs used in FIBA for men’s play have a 30.7-inch circumference while the women’s ball is set at 29 inches.