What Is the Website Where You Can Pay Missed Illinois Tolls?

MICHAEL LOFENFELD Photography/Moment Mobile/Getty Images

Missed payments from driving on Illinois toll roads can be paid on the “Unpaid Tolls” page of the Illinois Tollway website. Unpaid tolls have a seven-day grace period to be rectified before additional fees are assessed.

The Illinois Tollway system recommends that a driver who misses paying a toll note the specific toll plaza or nearest mile marker post. This information, along with the name of the registered vehicle owner, the vehicle license plate number, issuing state and type of vehicle, is required to successfully pay a toll online or via the U.S. Postal Service. Unpaid tolls that exceed the grace period become violations; three or more violations incurred in a 24-month period have additional fees assessed, and may lead to driver’s license or vehicle registration suspension.