What Is the Website for the “American Pickers” Online Store?

AntiqueArchaeology.com is the official website for the popular television show “American Pickers.” The site is owned by Mike Wolfe, founder of Antique Archaeology. The company also has two separate physical stores which are located in Le Claire, Iowa, and Nashville, Tennessee.

The online store sells a variety of items, including clothing, posters and housewares, many with the “Antique Archaeology” logo or related graphics. Those interested in purchasing picked items would need to visit one of the company’s physical store locations – the details for which can be found on the company’s website.

To sell items to Antique Archaeology, prospective sellers can fill out a form on the website with details about the items being offered. The store purchases motorcycles and other interesting picks for the television show, but does require images of the items prior to making any purchase decisions.