What to Wear in 50-Degree Weather?

Layered clothing is the best option for temperatures measuring 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Layers can be added or removed depending on the specific weather conditions. On a rainy 50-degree day, the air tends to be cooler than on a sunny 50-degree day, regardless of the actual temperature.

Layered clothing options include light sweaters worn over T-shirts and hooded sweatshirts worn over tank tops. Pants made with lighter fabrics such as cotton or relaxed denim are suitable for 50-degree weather. Light windbreaker jackets are a popular wardrobe choice for 50-degree weather as well.

Opinions about weather of 50 degrees vary from state to state. For instance, 50-degree weather in the state of California is considered cold. California residents tend to dress warmer during 50-degree weather, as it is often referred to as a “cold snap.” Alternatively, in states such as Minnesota or New York, 50-degree weather is often considered warm, especially after long winters. It is common for individuals who live in colder climates to embrace 50-degree weather by wearing light clothing.

Weather can also be unpredictable, as temperatures can both rise and fall on a 50-degree day. It is always best to be prepared for both warmer and colder temperatures by dressing in layers and packing an extra sweater or jacket.