What Are Some Ways to Strengthen Fingernails?

Arthur Neaman/EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

There are a variety of ways to strengthen nails, including practicing good nail hygiene, avoiding too much water, keeping nails manicured and shaped, and applying protective coatings, according to the Mayo Clinic. Moisturizers and supplements can also help.

There are many situations that can cause nails to grow brittle, including aging and injury. The secret to getting stronger nails can be as simple as practicing proper nail care, explains the Mayo Clinic. Keeping fingernails dry and clean prevents bacteria from growing beneath them. Too much contact with water can cause nails to weaken and split, so it helps to wear protective gloves with prolonged exposure to water or cleaning products.

To keep nails strong and healthy, consider investing in some simple manicure tools, suggest the Mayo Clinic. Trim nails straight across with a nail clipper, or nail scissors, then use a file to shape them. This causes the least amount of stress on your nails. Apply hand lotion to your cuticles and nails to insure healthy growth. Apply a nail hardener to help promote strength. If you feel nothing is working, discuss with your doctor the benefits of taking a biotin supplement. This is believed to help with growth as well as nail strength.

To prevent further damage, avoid biting or picking at the nails, as this can damage the nail bed. Avoid pulling off hangnails, and instead opt to clip or cut them off. Bacteria and fungi can easily take over small cuts near fingertips.