What Are Ways to Sign a Sympathy Card?

The message that comes before a signature in a sympathy card should be something along the lines of “With sympathy,” “Thinking of you” or “My sincere condolences.” It can also include a simple “Love,” message.

A sympathy card is one that most people will have to send in their lifetime, but it can be uncomfortable to do so. Whether a person is sending a card for someone who has lost a loved one or someone who has undergone another sad event in life, the card may help the person feel better about the situation. The majority of sympathy cards have messages prewritten that are specific to the occasion the card is being sent for, but people often like to include their own personal message.

A message can be written on the inside of the card. It is important to remember that the message should be positive. The message can include a happy memory or can tell the person that they are in everyone’s thoughts. People who are grieving may also take comfort in an offer of help with daily tasks or routines. The message, along with the signature, should always be sincere so as not to come off to the person reading the card as fake.