What Are Some Ways to Get Free Cengage Access Codes?

Cengage provides free access codes for textbooks rented or purchased through the Cengage Brain website for 14 days while the books are being shipped. Other websites, including ValPak and Don’t Pay Full, provide discounts to Cengage products and services, per the websites.

Cengage also provides one chapter for free when a buyer purchases e-book chapters, according to Valpak. Other Cengage discounts available from Valpak as of January 2016 include free shipping with orders greater than $25, seven days of free access to the e-book version of a textbook with the purchase of the hard copy version, and $6 off any purchase of $60 or more.

Coupons available from Don’t Pay Full include discounts of up to 80 percent on e-textbooks and discounts up to 40 percent off study guides.