What Are Some Ways to Attract Capricorn Males?

Ways to attract a Capricorn male include to appear serious about entering into a relationship and to work patiently to gain the man’s attention. In addition, because Capricorn men are career-oriented individuals, talking about dedication to work and discussing personal ambitions are ways to attract a Capricorn male, according to The Astrology of Love.

Because Capricorns are serious people who generally want to avoid embarrassment at all costs, it is not wise to directly ask a Capricorn man for a date. Jokes or mockery directed towards a Capricorn male does not attract him romantically, under any circumstance. In addition, because a Capricorn male does not often show emotion, it is important not to give up if the male doesn’t return affection immediately. It might take some time for the man to demonstrate his interest and a woman can give up too soon if she expects immediate results.

Individuals should express a sincere interest in entering into a serious relationship. Because Capricorns are quite serious, a Capricorn man is probably not interested in a short-term or unemotional relationship. It might be wise to mention only a few, long-term, previous romantic partners to the man instead of boasting about a long list of past suitors.

Capricorn men also appreciate responsibility, so it is helpful to demonstrate focus and goal-oriented behaviors. It’s equally important to show them support for their career and personal ambitions. Because they also appreciate the material items that come with success, suggesting a date at a fine restaurant is a way to attract a Capricorn male.