What Is the Way to Know If a Vehicle Needs a New Starter?

There are several problems that can indicate that a car’s starter should be replaced including a clicking sound when trying to start the car, a slow starter speed and a grinding noise while the engine is running. A starter is a part of the engine within the car so it is important that the starter is in working condition in order for the car to run properly.

The first problem that people encounter is the clicking sound when trying to start the car, however, this is also a problem that can occur with a malfunctioning battery. To check whether the problem is with the starter or the battery, try turning on the interior lights or the headlights. These lights are operated by the battery and if they can be turned on then the problem is not the battery and is the starter.

The second problem that people encounter is the slow starter speed when cranking the engine. However, this can also be a battery problem so try turning on those lights once again to check. The final problem is the grinding noise, which is also known as freewheeling. If a person hears this noise then they know that the starter’s gears are worn out and therefore must be replaced. This noise sounds like the noise that a car makes when a person tries to start it when it is already running.

It is not difficult to replace a starter in a car’s engine, however, it should be done by a reputable car repair shop. If the problem is not fixed sufficiently then new problems may arise.