What Is the Way to Set up a Universal Remote Control?

To set up a universal remote control, determine the programming codes for each device you wish to program, and input each code with the remote. You need the manual for your remote.

  1. Write down the programming codes

    Open the manual for your remote, and find the section that contains the programming codes. If you do not have the manual for your remote, find it on the manufacturer’s website. Find the brand of each device you would like to program, and write down every code listed.

  2. Begin the programming process

    Turn on the device that you would like to program. Press and hold either the Setup button or the device button, such as TV, for a few seconds until a single light remains on.

  3. Input the programming codes for the device

    If the previous step required pressing the Setup button, press the button of the device that you would like to program. Input the first code for the device, and wait for the light to off or blink.

  4. Press the Power button

    Press the Power button to turn off the device and save the code. If the device does not turn off, repeat the steps with another code.

  5. Repeat with additional devices

    Begin the programming process again, and repeat the steps to program additional devices.