What Is the Way to Set the Lock Combination on a Briefcase?

Plastic Tourist/CC-BY 2.0

Setting a lock combination on a briefcase requires resetting the existing combination. Then, a new combination can be chosen and set.

A lock combination to a briefcase, like all other lock combinations and passwords, should be secure. It should be something easy for the owner of the briefcase to remember, but difficult for anyone else to guess.

Step 1: Open the briefcase using the existing combination

Many models of briefcases come with a default combination that is a simple sequence, such as 1-1-1 or 0-0-0. Check any paperwork that came with the briefcase for the factory combination; if this is not available, contact the manufacturer’s customer support.

Step 2: Locate the resetting mechanism of the briefcase

The reset switch is typically located next to the lock or behind it. It is usually small and similar in appearance to the surrounding lining or other material. After locating the reset button, decide on a new combination.

Step 3: Enter the new combination

First, push down the reset button with a ballpoint pen or other pointed object and keep holding it down while entering the new combination. To enter the combination, simply turn the numbers to the new combination. Then, release the reset button.

Step 4: Test the new combination

To see if the new combination is working, turn the combination numbers to random numbers and try entering the new combination.