What Is the Way to Sell a Car Without a Pink Slip?

If the vehicle’s owner has lost the pink slip, or title, he or she will need to request a duplicate title from the local department of motor vehicles. If there is still money owed on the vehicle, then the lending institution likely holds the pink slip. In this case, the vehicle’s owner needs to pay off the amount due in order to receive the title.

If the car owner has simply misplaced the pink slip, the first step is a trip to the local department of motor vehicles office. He or she needs to bring the current car registration as proof of ownership. The owner should then complete an application for duplicate title form. The lienholder also needs to be contacted so they can supply a notarized lien release. These two documents should be enough, in most states, to take the place of the original title.

For a car owner who still owes money to his or her lender for the vehicle, he or she first needs to contact the lender to find out the loan payoff amount. If there is already a buyer for the vehicle, the current owner can receive money from the buyer to pay off the loan. Simply inform the lending institution where to send the title. If the buyer obtained the funds through a bank, the title will be sent to the bank rather than the buyer.