What Is the Way to Restore the Default Desktop Icons?

Restoring the default desktop icons is a simple process that restores these icons to the desktop by clicking on a one-click button provided by the operating system. The default desktop icons that are restored include the user folder icon, the computer icon, both empty and full recycle bin icons and the network icon.

There are a number of steps to follow in order to restore the default desktop icons:

  1. The start menu should be opened, after which the control panel, located within the start menu window, should be opened.
  2. Once the control panel is opened, a link referred to as the “Appearance and Themes” should be located within the control panel window. On some other versions of windows, this link is known as the “Appearance and Personalization.”
  3. The next step is to change the theme of the computer,known as the “Personalization” on some versions of windows.
  4. Under the “Display Properties” window found under the “Appearance and Themes” window, the desktop button at the top bar of the window should be clicked then the “Customize desktop” button, located at the bottom of the window, should be clicked
  5. Once the “General” button is clicked, it brings the “Desktop Items” window, which shows the desktop icons that can be restored to default
  6. After selecting the desired desktop icons to be restored, “Restore Default” button should be clicked. To finalize the change, the “OK” button should be clicked.
  7. All open windows should be minimized to show the desktop, and view the default desktop icons.