What Is the Best Way to Resell a Boyds Bear Collection?

Some of the best ways to resell a Boyds Bear collection include becoming an official Boyds Bear dealer, selling the collection on a personal website and selling directly to a collector. Some bears are considered to be more valuable than others.

People who are interested in making a regular income from selling Boyds Bears can apply to be dealers at the company’s official website. Each applicant should complete an application form and obtain a state resale certificate of identification, which should be attached to the application. Becoming dealers gives collectors the chance to sell old collections as well as new products.

People can also sell their collections through their own personal websites. This entails designing a website, obtaining a URL and having a shopping cart option on the website. This works especially well for people with extensive collections. They must, however, get approval from the company before becoming Boyds Bears merchants.

Finally, people can sell their Boyds Bears directly to collectors through thosecollectors’ websites. People can also trade or buy other pieces on these sites. Selling directly to collectors on eBay, or placing ads on Craig List or in local newspapers are also great options. Some bears are worth more than others, with the Fleurette Bear having the highest value, because only six were made.