What Is the Way to Repair an Acrylic Resin Statue?

Depending on the extent of damage, the acrylic resin statue may be repaired by using epoxy, plumbers putty or tube putty. Sandpaper and acrylic paint that matches the original color of the statue will also be needed to give the repair work a smoother and more refined finish.

Before starting with the repair work, make a quick assessment of the damage on the acrylic statue to see if it is possible to make repairs without the help of a professional. If pieces have broken off, make sure that no major portions are missing, fit the fragments together.

There are a few steps needed to proceed with the repair.

Step 1

Begin by removing paint that has chipped from the fragments and the statue as well as parts that are close to breaking off. Sand the parts that are to be repaired and then remove the dust with a brush or a rag.

Step 2

Using a thin layer of a 5-minute epoxy, glue the pieces one at a time. Hold a fragment in place until the epoxy cures, if necessary. Set the repaired statue aside to let the epoxy cure further.

Step 3

Once the pieces have set, check the repaired area if it needs further adjustments. If there are cracks and scratches, use plumber’s or tube putty on them then let the putty dry. Sand down the putty in the area until smooth. Paint onto the damage with acrylic paint to match the original color of the statue.