What Is the Best Way to Remove a Deep Splinter Under the Fingernail?

Shannon Kringen/CC-BY 2.0

Removing a splinter can be done from home with a needle and tweezers, explains WebMD. If the splinter is not visible under the fingernail, contact your physician to remove the splinter.

Before removing the splinter, WebMD advises using soap and water to clean the wound and then sterilizing a needle and tweezers with alcohol. If the splinter is visible, grab it with the tweezers and pull it out. If the end of the splinter is not visible, but penetrated horizontally under the fingernail, open the skin along the path of the splinter with the needle to expose it and pull it out with the tweezers. If the splinter penetrated vertically, a physician will need to open the fingernail to remove the splinter.